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Paul Ray: Reply to alias “Tommy Robinson”

Updated at the bottom 30/08/2010: Potential criminal prosecution of "whatever his name is" alias 'Tommy Robinson'.

Isaiah 54:17
"No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,”Says the LORD.

This is in response to “whatever his name is”(which is what I will call him as he doesn’t even know what his name is himself), after the last statement that he put out attacking me and then disseminating across his controlled EDL platform for his followers to read. I was going to stay silent until this statement was released, but considering the vile nature of it I have no alternative but to respond and I am justified to do so before God.

I refrained responding over the last 2 weeks due to the Bradford demonstration as I did not want to cause any inner conflict with people before this event.

Quote: “Lets wait for Paul Ray to come out with more of his crappy vids in response to this”

Due to the fact that one of you was able to put together a leadership statement for “whatever his name is” to sign, that is not littered with swear words and profanity. I thought I should respond in like manner, so there will not be a video response. I started putting short videos together because they are easier to use when communicating a message to some people, because reading several pages can be tough going for some.

The first 2 words prove that “whatever his name is” didn’t write it, he is just the gullible tool who signs it. There is only 1 person who languishes in the glory of his perceived ability to write speeches, and by opening the attack up, on both myself and Nick, by calling it an ode as if it is some work of literary genius, clearly exposes this person, if he wasn’t exposed enough already. You decide for yourself, if you have your own mind.

Firstly I would like to say that it grieves me to write this and have to continue defending my reputation and character from people who live in the same area I am from. The whole way along until there was no alternative but to speak out; I have shown nothing but loyalty and support to these certain individuals and the EDL cause, which was thrown back in my face. “whatever his name is” would not be the leader of the EDL if it was not for me, even “Barthole” pointed the facts out at the beginning.

Due to the fact that as the founding father, which is what a left wing authority on the EDL has called me, I am willing to speak my mind and share my beliefs irrelevant of the offence it causes to some, I have been blamed as - quote: “a man who has strived in might and main to screw us over”. When the full version of events based upon facts are written down, then I will let you be the judge of that statement. One thing is clear though, is that you do not hold what is perceived as a right-wing demonstration on 8/8, everyone must agree on that point, and to do so would logically result in you being labeled as Nazis regardless of then having to burn Nazi flags to try to say to people your not Nazi’s. Wouldn’t the simplest thing to have done (which would have sent a clear message to every quarter), been to cancel for 1 week and issue a statement to each of the opposing forces detailing your reason for changing the date. Instead 8/8 happened, every Nazi who could be present was present, and the stage was set for the EDL to be branded a Nazi movement. This event has its own background which will be discussed in detail another time.

Quote: “Just imagine if the EDL were to have these two jokes at the helm”

The funny thing here that the EDL membership who have joined recently do not know is that I placed “whatever his name is” as leader of the EDL. I brought Marshy alias Joe Cardiff into the anti-jihad movement and introduced him to the street protest, and I put Chris Redmond alias Steve Simmons who was my contact, who then became head of media into the EDL with my media contacts, and I also brought Alan Lake and the contacts who surround him into the movement. I brought all the key parts together, and then stepped back to support the movement and membership from afar. I did this because my initial involvement, putting out video messages was what got people to take to the streets in the first place under the EDL banner. I didn’t hear “whatever his name is” putting any call out to the Nation for people to unite for the cause?

Prior to the EDL being formed I was placed under arrest for 18 months on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred, of which I was released without charge which proves I am not a racist. Unlike some who get arrested, and 5 minutes later they are released without charge, I spent 18 stressful months leashed to the State with the prospect of a court case and a possible maximum 7 years at the end of it. Due to the fact of that, and that the police now had good grounds to arrest me on suspicion of stirring up religious hatred after starting the EDL, I decided I was of more use to the English cause on the outside of prison than the inside, regardless of peoples accusations. How many of those members of the EDL who are verbally attacking me, who take to the streets, are doing what I do, and saying what I say? Do we not all have our roles? Do all those big men on the streets need one more man to hold their hands on protest day?

Luton leaders who you would have expected a bit of loyalty from were put in place to facilitate the growth and lead the EDL which is what has happened, except because I am not a football hooligan they all closed ranks on me, and now state that I have never been on an EDL demo.

I led the first demo when the movement was being formed into Whitechapel as I was living there at the time.

I knew exactly what I was doing and it wasn’t standing about drinking and looking for trouble like at the football. I knew what the future held with the anti-jihad street protest movement, and on that day in London we were being followed by a police photographer, so I made a point of making sure those who were watching in authority, knew who I had anointed as leaders. I had been writing some pretty heavy stuff to my blog for 3 years prior to that day, with my case in the hands of the CPS anti-terror unit for 18 months, so someone must have been watching me. I shook Marshy’s hand for the camera, and I shook “whatever his name is” hand for the camera. At the very bottom of the pile of photographs stating how the EDL was formed, the police have me shaking hands with these 2 people, pointing out who I had appointed as leaders. “whatever his name is” then went on to become the leader of the EDL and Marshy became leader of Casuals United.

So when whoever wrote that statement laughs about me being at the helm as if it is some joke, they obviously do not know their history, and are the ones who have infiltrated the movement whilst I am out of the country and not the other way round.

Quote: “If the government or any other “dark forces” want to bring the EDL down they have to do so by creating an enemy within, an enemy that tirelessly works in the background to undermine the “True” EDL cause.”

If the EDL leadership had brains the movement would be very dangerous to the State, so the government do not need an enemy within, as that core leadership do a good enough job themselves, like going back to Dudley which will be explained at a later date. Going to Bradford seems like the last gasp of breath of a dying leadership who want to go out with a bang. Time will tell.

Most reading this would have seen “whatever his name is” on channel 4 news last week. Channel 4 stated his name was Steven Yaxley Lennon and then apologiesed on their web edition of the show and changed the name to Paul Harris. Wayne king, Tommy Robinson, Steven Yaxley Lennon, Paul Harris, so what is his name?

The name Steven Yaxley Lennon showed up on the BNP leaked membership list, and everyone knows the State and media persecution of being a member of the BNP. It wouldn’t look good if “whatever his name is” was unmasked and was shown to be a BNP member now would it? Not after a year of protestations of “We are not BNP”.

I and others wondered long and hard at why “whatever his name is” didn’t do what was right with regards to Chris Renton alias John Sheridan, after his abominable conduct. Well now it is all as ‘clear as day’ as they were both BNP members, so were both propping each other up behind the scenes with their masks and aliases. So long as nobody knew his real identity his secret was safe.

“You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time”

Makes me wonder about the t-shirts now too, as I know at the beginning the design first came through from the BNP merchandise in Wales, which I said to distance from, and then “whatever his name is” said they were made by one of his friends which I believed at the time, but now im not so sure, as how can you ever believe the word of a blatant liar? It also makes me wonder if it was a planned BNP coup to remove me considering how deep Renton’s links with the BNP were/are. Let others who have done their investigative work be the judge of that one.

On the Channel 4 interview it states: "This is a big thing for me and my family," he says. "I've not done it before now because it's too dangerous. But there comes a point when you have to put your money where your mouth is - the courage of your convictions, and all that."

He had already been exposed to the light, with his name and face out there, which is the reason why he has now come out and shown who he is because everyone watching knows who he is anyway which makes him look stupid continuing to hide, and not because ‘the point has come to put his money where his mouth is’. I agree about the part about his family, but that is not the real reason behind concealing his real identity, and if he had the courage of his convictions then why hasn’t he put his name and face to his work, and why not own up to being an ex-BNP member, instead of changing his name?

Because we all know how much damage to your credibility within the mainstream media being a BNP member does to you, no matter what BNP members think, as I am not anti-non Nazi BNP, they know this is true. Instead he is now called Paul Harris, as if some last minute name change is going to change the facts.

A name change is simple – In memory of the past

Think about it, he is now at the head of this street protest movement that is getting media attention, they are milking the movement through merchandise sales, and they have the support of other international groups involved in the anti-jihad movement.

What levels would this man go to; to protect and preserve everything he has to lose, because those international groups and individuals avoid the BNP like the plague?

I will tell you what levels this man would go to. He would enter the home of an English grandmother, to 8 English children, with his 6 4” uncle, and threaten to kidnap her to try and intimidate me. A man who was threatening female members of my family and extended family, who all have children, and an uncle who the previous day had threatened to petrol bomb my mothers home ( I know that the Living God has my family protected, that’s where my trust lays and vengeance is His). Amongst his EDL friends he might laugh and joke, and others might give him respect for his actions but when it boils down to it, any sane minded sensible person knows that you do not involve innocent grandmothers in such a heinous way. Him and his EDL sheep have denied the event even took place, but the police have three 999 emergency call recordings of that night, with one of them from me. Also my mother knows exactly who was in her house that night.

What else could I do when 2 men who had been issuing threats about harming my family were then inside my innocent mothers home threatening me with kidnapping her?

They forget that they have innocent vulnerable families who live locally too, and how would they like to be personally issued with such threats, or come face to face with people?

My mother never knew the history of the previous days or the threats, she was just confronted with these 2 men complaining about me, so she welcomed them in and made them tea.

Unbeknown to her one of them was on the phone to me threatening to kidnap her. In the video messages leading up to this event, Nick pointed out with facts, that “whatever his name is” was double faced, and here he was smiling in my mothers face, and behind her back threatening me with kidnapping her. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth on the camera.

To think, after this event all those regional organizers, Tony Williams mostly, came out in defence of this mans actions stating “We back Tommy 100%”.

This makes you no better than him and no sane minded sensible person can tell me those actions against an innocent grandmother are justified amongst real men. Those are the acts of cowardly common criminals.

Those who continue to support him are no better than the Nazis who supported Hitler whilst he was in the process of gassing 6 million Jews. Silence and support means complicity. Ill quote a comment from Granny Doris here “Tommy Robinson – Simply the best, better than all the rest”. This begs the question, where is the moral compass in these people lives, it’s like they are possessed with their new found EDL fame, and do not have a thought or care about others just so long as it does not rock their positions in their EDL world.

Sad, very sad…

In “whatever his name isvideo statement before Bradford he mentions how much weight his name carries amongst the Anglian Regiment, after receiving a letter from a serving soldiers wife. I wonder what the soldiers of that regiment think about him threatening to kidnap my mother to intimidate me? How they would feel if it was their mother back home whilst they are serving their country wherever in the world they are? Sitting in a foreign country with one of their enemies who had been threatening to harm women, on their mothers phone threatening to kidnap her. Not a very nice situation to be in that’s for sure.

They can deny it all they like but the police have three 999 calls from that night, and my mother knows who was in her home smiling in her face drinking her tea.

In the midst of a very public dispute; what other reason was there to be in my mothers home than but to use it as the ultimate act of intimidation against me?

All because he was scared of his name coming out because if his name came out, everyone would know he is a blatant liar, he had lied to the whole EDL movement, and he risked losing everything, which includes the EDL merchandise cash cow. Although most of the EDL are nothing more than sheep being led by sheep as they prefer to ignore the truth just so long as it doesn’t shake their EDL world.

He has used my work to further his own reputation, he has changed his name to my name, and now he sits on camera looking awfully like me, and he has the audacity to call me a “religious fruitcake” because I am a Christian? Fruitcake being the operable word.

The EDL has used the Red Templar Cross from the very beginning hasn’t it? Doesn’t that Cross incorporate everything Christian? So how can the leader of the EDL slander a ‘man of faith’ when he stands under that cross?

Leaders and members need to wake up and have a re-think about those who they sit under in that core leadership.

I will give the EDL bully boy Steve Littlejohn a little bit of a profile now but he isn’t going to like it, and anyone knows him is going to be able to imagine what his reaction will be “Im going to cut him” “Im going to stab him” anyone who knows him from reading his posts, knows he is nothing but a 20 stone bully. You called me a “loon” because I offered you words of support and encouragement, and offered to minister to your spiritual needs through prayer when you were at your lowest point. The EDL leadership had turned on you, you had your personal problems which I wont mention as this has nothing to do with them, you had had a nervous breakdown, and was tanked up high as a kite on medication. You might find it hard to believe but as a Christian, reaching out to people with words of comfort when they are at their lowest point is what we try and do when we can, so to call me a “loon” when you were the one on anti-psychotics is a little ironic. Now that your in with the EDL in crowd, you think you can use my name, bullying me to gain credibility in the eyes of your peers. You should think long and hard next time about how you treat people and the way you threaten them, because there is always someone bigger around the corner than you, that’s the age old story of the bully.

I will also make mention of the one who posts under the EDL leadership account who states that I take petro dollars. How can any sane minded person think this is true, and how on earth can you be led by someone who thinks that way and passes such outlandish statements?

Do they really think that I or they, are that important that some Saudi moslem is going to hunt me out to pay me some petro dollars, to disrupt the EDL cause lol come on…Dont you think they would prefer to kill me than pay me money. They just cant work me out and this is all their minds can come up with, which shows their mental capability, and they are in leadership, passing statements in the EDL name.

Any serious man or woman who is involved with the EDL for the right reasons and has read down this far, must now be thinking “what”. Waking up to a new reality can sometimes be hard, but any man or woman worth their salt knows right from wrong, regardless of the consequences.

“An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep”

Quote: “Paul Ray and his merry band of “extreme right wing” followers are hoping for a disaster at Bradford so they can feed people into the extreme far right mentality therefore we would like to congratulate West Yorkshire Police for helping them to do that by applying to have us banned. The police know that by doing that they will help cause a riot, again another demo engineered to go wrong for maximum bad publicity."

Was I the one who set the protest in Bradford up? No, it was you, so who are the people hoping for a disaster?

A close friend and confidante spoke to me a while back about being worried for peoples safety going to Bradford, which is understandable considering the history of Bradford. That people were being led naively into what could be a very dangerous situation, where there is the possibility if things go wrong, that people could get killed.

As an English patriot, committed to the English cause, and being involved with the EDL from the beginning, I felt it was only my duty to support those people going there, and not the leadership who have directed them there. My videos were a response the militant moslem youths preparation for the day, and several statements directed towards people, in support of those people on the ground who are there for the right reasons.

They in the EDL are labeled Nazis and Right-wing, yet they seem to be in denial about this fact and its everyone else and not them. The EDL leadership feed the whole movement into the right-wing mentality for the media by their actions, and the only ones engineering trouble is themselves, that is why they have gone to Bradford in the first place after all. If things go disastrously wrong, which I hope and pray they do not, and someone is killed in Bradford, then it will not be me with blood on my hands, I never set the protest up, I just stepped up to the plate to support the English patriots going there regardless of peoples opinions.

Quote: we have marched in Aylesbury, Bolton, Newcastle and London with very little in the way of disorder so why do some forces allow for it and others not???

Bradford is not like any of those areas. In 2001 there were the worst riots seen in Britain since the Second World War, with nearly 400 police officers injured, and 200 rioters eventually imprisoned. Getting back to the ‘if they had brains bit’, rightly or wrongly, isnt it quite obvious why the government do not want a perceived right-wing protest there again, after what the last one caused.

I will no longer cast my pearls before swine, so I shake the dust from my feet now and wash my hands of the EDL. The EDL movement no longer has a voice that can speak to the Church and justify the Cross that you uphold, you are led by a bunch of charlatans, and criminals. Each of you prop them up and give them the power, because without you they would be nothing.

They dictate where the protest is to be held because they own the domains, and you all follow them around the country, like sheep to the slaughter, like in Dudley and hopefully not Bradford today. There have been many people wanting to set protests in their areas, with justified cause, but because the core leadership do not sanction it, and everybody is too scared to think for themselves, opportunities are lost. One example is a man in Reading, he had a justified cause for a protest, along with a butcher of 35 years going out of business. This was presented to the core leadership and they refused, then defamed him also, which is common practice to anyone who dares challenge the EDL leaderships status quo, so he went there and protested on his own, and was subsequently arrested and will be appearing in court in December. Deano St George will give you the details.

If the EDL is to continue growing and become an effective force, that’s if it doesn’t not get banned after Bradford depending on how Bradford turns out, then in my mind these are the things you have to do.

Remove all domain names from the core group and place them in the hands or a respected third party, then the EDL will no longer be a dictatorship controlled by those who control the online platform.

Now it has been found out that “whatever his name is” has lied to everyone, and that he is a BNP member, all regional organisers must ask their division leaders, and in turn their members whether or not they still want him as their leader within the EDL. If they do, then they endorse his BNP links and the UAF will be justified based upon their political ideology, to be at war with you. If they don’t, then you then dictate the war with the UAF, because they don’t have grounds to protest you based upon their old political ideology, behind why they were formed.

If he is removed, then this sends a clear sign to everyone, which should have been done on 8/8 including the media, that you are politically neutral, and not led by the BNP. Such a move shows everyone that you are serious and changes the game on all sides. If the BNP are true to their word about not wanting anything to do with the EDL and vice a versa, then nobody should be offended except those being removed.

Your endorsing of him supports all of his actions, and remember, they got Al Capone on tax evasion and this aint Al Capone.

You have to decide whether the movement you have helped build is bigger than one man, or whether or not you want to continue being led by him? The EDL would not be on the scene if it wasn’t for you personally, so you have a say in how it is run, regardless of those who try to silence you.

He is a lying, cheating common criminal who uses English grandmothers as the ultimate act of intimidation to hide the lies he is trying to cover up from you and everyone else. Get your cards on the table, and if it’s a BNP front then be honest with people, don’t use them, then let them decide.

The code of conduct which was released recently is nothing more than an order not to challenge issues in an open and democratic way through online debate. If people have valid reasons to question, then those questions should be answered in an adult manner, not silenced with the one posing the question smeared and slandered because it points out the facts concerning the leadership. Personal insults and attacks should be removed because they are irrelevant to debate. In saying this, the leadership issued a statement against people using the forums to attack people, then they themselves, personally went onto attack me on their forums. So their rules only apply to you, as they are above you and do not abide by the same rules as you. Its called a dictatorship just like Hitler’s, with an egomaniac leading the throng.

The modus operandi which has instilled fear into the EDL membership, has been so slander, smear and threaten with physical violence, anyone who has dared ask very valid questions concerning leadership and the direction of the movement. I myself and I know of many others who have been on the receiving end of this tactic as everyone is well aware, and because these people control the EDL media platform all of the sheep feed on it and agree with it.

Kermit should also be removed, and someone better suited to the position of giving speeches should be found, as there is absolutely no way anyone should be giving speeches on behalf of you and the English cause whilst drunk and drugged up out of their minds. Just because he is from an ethnic minority doesn’t mean he can do what he likes, whilst sticking his fingers up at everyone by his actions.

Like I said at the beginning, it should never have come to this, but either it will shape certain peoples characters and reform the movement or something else will happen, one thing is certain is that this was all predestined to happen, which includes whatever the future now holds.

I have never wanted to lead the street protest movement on the ground, if I had of wanted that position then I could have taken it at the beginning as Jerry Watson another founding member knows. I didn’t, it is not my calling, that’s why others were put in place, namely “whatever his name is”. All I have done from the very beginning is exercise my spiritual gifting in the vision God gave me for the street protest movement, after following U.B.A from the start. What I personally set out to achieve has been achieved, not only by me, but by everyone who answered ‘the calling’, with many thousands of people around the Country now awake and active in defending our country from the global jihad, and the Islamification process that is unfolding all around us.

I will write my account in due course, so that all those negative reports about be can be refuted.


1. As God is my witness and my judge, the very first video put out naming Steven Yaxley in October 2009 was not put out by me. To do so would completely go against my integrity and loyalty irrespective of disputes.

2. Considering Nick is German I think his grasp of the English language is very good, with everyone able to understand very clearly what he spoke on video, so to say he cannot string a coherent sentence together is foolish.

3.Quote: “accusing people of all sorts of pathetic delusional and fallacious crap can’t and won’t ever be trusted, the same applies to his sheeple. So how do we combat this insidious, irritating, infiltration?

Radio Free Britain did a bit of research after the video messages were put out and they confirmed much of what I spoke, and wanted to interview me, but things have been too difficult for that to take place. You decide which things they confirmed, and it wasn’t about my mother.


Updated: 30/08/2010

Please remember that when "whatever his name is" and his partner in crime were inside my mothers home threatening me, it was 3 days into a very public, and messy, dispute about the leadership of the English Defence League - Take a watch for yourself

How would you feel knowing these people were in your mothers home after the previous few days, and not knowing what was going on, then being asked "what are we doing then, are we leaving here with your mum tonight?" Considering that was my innocent vulnerable mum in the hands of these common criminals, I had no alternative but to ring 999 because it was an emergency. Someone you are having a serious dispute with, who has already threatened serious violence, is then inside your mothers home threatening to kidnap her, is an emergency in my eyes?

What could I do, I was helpless at that "moment" in time because I wasn't even in the Country.

Considering the severity of the allegations leveled at "whatever his name is" and that there was police involvement, there has to be the potential for a criminal prosecution because very serious allegations have been made, concerning very serious charges that would hold a lengthy prison term in a 'moslem filled' high security prison somewhere if convicted.

The question is; do all of the facts hold up and could they hold up in a court of law to gain a conviction?

Due to the three 999 calls made on the night in question, myself and others would hope that a full and detailed police investigation has taken place to ascertain the truth of the matter. If not then there should be a complaint to the IPCC to find out why not, considering the polices legal obligation to uphold 'law and order' within society. If the police have not carried out their duty and investigated this situation, it then begs the question why not? Is he an informer, informing on English patriots activities to save his own skin from a 'muslim infested' prison wing, for the Police, Special Branch or MI5? And that's why he has protection and can get away freely, with holding an innocent vulnerable grandmother hostage and then threatening to kidnap her as an act of intimidation. Even his handlers must know that that is unacceptable behaviour, and support by way of protection means complicity.

An IPCC complaint will get to the bottom of the polices handling of this very serious situation, and nobody has contacted me for a statement yet, so it seems up until now, they have turned a blind eye to "whatever his name is" misdemeanors without even investigating the claims.

1.) Did "whatever his name is" and Kevin Caroll enter my mothers home on the night in question?

My mother can confirm they did, and I received a call from "whatever his name is" placed using my mothers land-line phone.

Provable fact.

2.) How did he gain entry to the home?

He said to my mother that he was worried I was going to release his name on the internet and he had no way of contacting me, and did she have my number.

Anyone following the youtube video messages will know that both myself and Nick spoke to "whatever his name is" on the phone on the first night we released any messages. I also have threatening text messages logged on my phone, and I received a call with the threat to torch my mothers home from Kevin Caroll.

So to say to my mother they had no way of contacting me was a blatant lie.

I wonder who it was that gave them the address? I will eventually find out Luke 8

Provable fact.

A lie used to create a false perception of 'safety and security' in my mothers mind, so as to gain access into her home, and then use her land-line phone with the clear intention to intimidate me into silence.

3.) What evidence is there that he threatened to kidnap her?

My mother believed his lies, that he wasn't a threat to her, that he was worried, and only wanted to speak to me directly as he couldn't contact me. She did not hear the threats to kidnap her, and considering her vulnerability, I'm sure she thinks some things are better left, which is most peoples attitude in today's day and age, especially after having 1 family member, an ex-serviceman, who was an upstanding respectful man in the community, brutally murdered by a gang of drunk and drugged up robbers in Luton the previous year.

It is then my word against his, and would I stand up in a court of law and give evidence against him in a trial?

If I did, the prosecution would have to convince the jury that I was telling the truth, but based upon the factual evidence that sets the backdrop of the case, in their eyes they will see that it is highly probable that he did threaten to kidnap her to intimidate me, because why else was he inside her home calling me from her land-line phone, which then means, unbeknown to my mother, that she was in a hostage situation without even knowing it.

Only one of us can be telling the truth.

He was holding her hostage in my eyes, by being in her home and threatening me with kidnapping her.

I wonder whether Mr Loophole would get his client out of this one, but considering he is now on a losing streak I wouldn't think so, and if I was a celebrity I would avoid him like the plague. Its called a curse, and those watching will see the truth to those words over time.

I wonder if found guilty, what prison term the judge would pass for 2 men taking an elderly grandmother hostage, and threatening to kidnap her, to intimidate a third party?

As a Christian I have a scriptural basis to go before a court of law against them as they are not Christian brothers. They might profess the Christian faith with signs and emblems but the faith is more than that.

1 Corinthians 6:1 - 11 Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unrighteous, and not before the saints? 2 Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? 3 Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life? 4 If then you have judgments concerning things pertaining to this life, do you appoint those who are least esteemed by the church to judge? 5 I say this to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you, not even one, who will be able to judge between his brethren? 6 But brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers!
7 Now therefore, it is already an utter failure for you that you go to law against one another. Why do you not rather accept wrong? Why do you not rather let yourselves be cheated? 8 No, you yourselves do wrong and cheat, and you do these things to your brethren! 9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.


  1. LionHeart,
    From what I read and follow here stateside, please do not knuckle under to any of these
    losers and posers that are supposedly representing the EDL and the vsions you were
    given by the Lord. What has taken place does
    EDL little good and strenghthens the enemy, which is truly islam. A house divided cannot stand. If I lived in England I would be standing
    by your side, watching your back. I support
    from afar and always have. You are light in a
    rapidly darkening land.


    Well the above comment pretty much says it all.
    I distanced myself from the movement somewhat after some research into the "leadership" eventhough by many patriots mine was a brief involvement with some truly top notch Englishmen, it is a shame really, too many people with their eyes wide shut as they say. My personal opinion is the current leadership needs disbanding and should be reorganised and hand picked by none other than you and Nick, to which i rapidly switched my support to when facts came out. The quality you and Nick posess is what the EDL needs at this critical time to "refuel the dying flame" if you will, all is not lost it's more a case of who wants to face facts and who wants to carry on sleepwalking the movement into an early grave. I personally think and was saying to Nick the otherday that the OEDL group is a good place to start and should push for more members, this could also be a good way to get more lower ranking members so to speak to get involved with research and video making, charity events etc. Who knows? only time will tell. N.S

  3. Paul,

    I have followed you from the beginning - and I have seen the infiltration take place of what you intended and what others have hijacked. This always happens, it has to for the enemy knows your strength and they are frightened by it. Stay strong brother, the Templars from Al Hillah support you! Your enemy is ours - education and commitment will over ignorance and intimidation.

    Joe White

  4. From where I sit I see there are people in the EDL who don't want EDL to get political and that is too bad. In order to battle a political force you must address political issues from a position of influence. EDL represents a large voting block and there could be people there expressly implanted by the controlling elites atm whose aim is to keep the EDL from becoming involved politically and monitor closely for that kind of activity - so that it can be headed off.

    1. What is the teaching the missionary wing of California Bodhi Mission works to promote? ..... Greenwald is a columnist and blogger at and his articles appear in various ..... On the way to China Won-hyo awoke one evening thirsty and searching ...
      Thirst missions

  5. Paul, God has sure tested you, but you are a diamond in the rough and with all you've been through, you will shine even more by the time God is done. I've kept up with your videos on your blog, and it is a shame you've had so much to deal with in the last few years. Those men are shameless to have gone into your mother's house - quite frankly, they are lucky to not have had their asses handed to them.

    God Bless You and Keep You Safe Beneath His Shadow


  6. Missionary Knight
    We need to begin to train in the realistic martial arts, learn to use knives, clubs, pistols and rifles. Palestinian children know more about war and resistance than most of us in Christendom. Form neighborhood watch organizations and learn to protect and care for our people, especially women, children, widows and orphans. Get physically fit, get trained, get equipped, get together and drive out the criminals from your neighborhoods, including those of Islamic origin.
    We need to publish the truth about Islam in flyers, CDs/DVDs and pamphlets. We need to point out the hypocrisy of them building mosques in our countries but us not being allowed to build churches in their countries. How they can convert people in our country but we can’t preach Christ in theirs. How a Muslim who converts to Christianity can is killed under Islamic Shari law and how rape and murder of non-Muslims is not a crime under Shari law. We need to publicize that 95% of all convicted rapist in Europe are Muslims. This is a fact! That Muslims still practice slavery in Sudan, Mauritania, and elsewhere to this day. We must speak out everywhere and all the time, if only a few speak out they will be crushed or murdered but if we all speak out we will turn the tide. Pass out flyers and tell people the truth!
    We must begin to meet together in homes (home meetings are persecution proof churches) and study our Bibles and reach out to the lost, including the few good Muslims who are trapped in that evil and demonic religion. Many can’t leave Islam because they will be killed if they do. We need to be able to shelter those who want to escape the curse of Islam. We must train and develop our skills and physical fitness to defend our nation, people and church. And we must organize rallies and events to equip and train others to defend their nation, church and family from the Mohamedan beast at our doors.
    You are a “Knight of Christendom” the day you decide to put your country, Church, culture, family, women and children before your own life. We can become the autonomous “Knights of Christendom” the day we resolve to live for Christendom, die to self, and live a life that matters now and in eternity. Get fit, get informed, get trained, get vocal, and get started today. The day you decide to propagate the Kingdom of God and are willing to die for your brother pilgrims you are a Knight! Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his brother.” John 15:13